We are trying to get access to wet lands in South Florida. If you have any Idea please e-mail us with the form below. Hopefully we will have the permission by late September 2019. As of now we are very close in our safari hunts in South Florida. I have been working very closely with some of our team members from Marathon to Key West.

This is an invasive species if Florida, these nasty lizards are causing a major impact on our Eco system. Peolple always ask "Can You Eat Iguana" absolulty, soon we will soon be releasing our "Cooked Iguana" cook book that is produced by one of our team members, "Big Daddy Chuck" located in Key West Florida. Onced it is releasd you can oder here on our website.

FOR SOUTH FLORIDA UNTIL WE GET LAND. However Purto Rico is outstanding for targeting these guys