Peacock Bass: Floridas Fiery Fish

Florida is well-known for its fantastic beaches and dazzling nightlife, but for those who prefer a more natural adventure, then look no farther than Floridas€exotic fishing opportunities! Even those afraid of the ocean can still reel in a feisty fish originally from the Amazon--"the peacock bass".

Why Are Peacock Bass Special?

Peacock bass are originally from South America, but they were introduced to Florida in the 1980's to combat the invasive tilapia and Oscar in the area. While the butterfly peacock bass and the speckled peacock bass were brought to Florida, the speckled peacock bass unfortunately didn't adjust very well. Thankfully, the butterfly peacock bass populations took off, and they flourish to this day!

Why are the butterfly peacock bass special? In addition to just being a beautiful fish, with green and gold coloring and a yellow halo on their caudal fins, the butterfly peacock bass is a voracious fighter. They only average between six and fifteen pounds, but they are notorious for giving anglers a monstrous fight! They are also nearly exclusive to Florida in the Lower 48--to find these fighters anywhere else in the US, you would have to hop on a plane and head to Hawaii.

How To Fish For Peacock Bass?

Peacock bass is one of the most popular freshwater fish in Florida. Some tips on how to find these fun and feisty fish:

Look for structures underwater--rocks, pilings, etc. Peacock bass love to hang out here.
Live bait is a great way to entice them, but other kinds of lures--such as shiners--work well also. The only thing peacock bass consistently don't go after are the plastic worms, so avoid those.
These fish love the heat! While you can find them all year round, between March and May, you're more likely to find them more easily. You also can find them in the midday sun, so no need to get up before dawn!

Get Hooked!

Peacock bass are popular on exotic fishing trips in Florida, so they are a staple in any guided charter. These guides can help get you to the biggest and most aggressive fish around! Check out these guides to help plan your next fishing adventure in Florida.



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